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McAfee + Cisco: Threat Response Collaboration & Integration

Today, organizations are faced with increasingly complex systems driven by dissolving enterprise boundaries, ubiquitous user data in the cloud and an increasing volume and sophistication of cyber attacks across multiple vectors.  Siloed cyber security solutions only add complexity and restrict your ability to protect and respond to advanced attacks, while increasing costs and management overhead.

Join DynTek, Cisco & McAfee for a discussion and demonstration on how McAfee and Cisco are driving an industry-wide threat response collaboration incorporating 100+ vendor ecosystem to: 

  • Better defend corporate network perimeter and update endpoint security posture without manual intervention – save time and resources
  • Share a security posture between Cisco and McAfee apps via DXL and pxGrid – bi-directional information flow between network and endpoint management systems
  • Enable Cisco ISE and McAfee ePO to work in concert to define unified network access policies based on real-time security posture - stronger endpoint protection

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