Demonstrating TCO & ROI of an Azure Cloud Environment

As more and more organizations embrace the cloud for their data center operations and workloads, IT leaders are faced with determining what components – if not all – of their infrastructure to migrate.  In addition, they also must create the return on investment and business case to justify the move. 

In this on-demand webinar, we demonstrate the actual total cost of ownership for moving any or all your environments into Azure.  


During this on-demand event, we:

  • Determine the real cost of the cloud by comparing costs between on-premises vs cloud
  • Break down the costs between full data center move to the cloud vs individual workloads or business containers, as well as hybrid models with tiering into the cloud
  • Demonstrate how to assess your environment upfront to make sure you only buy the computing power you need and taking advantage of the elastic and dynamic nature of Azure
  • Showcase how to optimize your environment based on real usage vs lift and shift models

After watching this on demand event, you'll have a roadmap for assessing your true cloud needs, how to budget for cloud capacity, and create a ROI business value case for future migrations.

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