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Premier Healthcare recently awarded DynTek a Group Purchasing Agreement for Hardware, Software and Services in the inaugural Cybersecurity Category – Contract Number PP-IT-232

To stay ahead of these threats, organizations must be vigilant in building out cybersecurity systems to protect their data. This battle is particularly crucial to the healthcare industry where the need to safeguard patient data is critical. In accordance with compliance mandates and industry best practices, DynTek helps organizations identify, prevent, detect, contain and respond to the threats facing the healthcare industry today. Our executive-level security experts help you assess your security posture and risk, build a comprehensive security architecture, and optimize technology solutions. The DynTek security offering includes legal and regulatory guidance, risk management, data security, security solutions, threat management, and managed services.

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Learn the challenges and threats facing the healthcare industry.

Covers the most effective frameworks now being used and provide examples of best practices that can help establish a safe and secure healthcare IT infrastructure.



Featured Solutions


Advanced Penetration Testing

Using state-of-the-art technologies and tools and military-grade ethical hackers, DynTek simulates and demonstrates the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) used by real-world adversaries. Our multi-layer attack simulations include targeted social engineering campaigns, beaconing mechanisms, advanced privilege escalation, exploitation techniques, and much more.

Our advanced penetration testing services help you evaluate your current security posture and get a realistic overview of how your company will respond to real-world attacks and sophisticated modern tactics used by hackers.

Managed Security Services

DynTek provides 24×7x365 threat monitoring, hunting, alerting, and mitigation
through a world-class Security Operations Center (SOC). Our SOC is a state-of-the-art operations offering that leverages the strengths of human intelligence and artificial intelligence. This combination positions us to cut down on the time it takes to identify real cyber threats to your organization so that real threats can be investigated and responded to faster for increased protection to your business.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Training & Education

From conducting the required annual HIPAA Security and Privacy Audit/Assessments or establishing procedures to comply with Breach Notification and Omnibus Rules, DynTek can ease your efforts at staying on top of compliance requirements. In partnership with industry-leading compliance experts, ecfirst, we offer services that include HIPAA risk analysis, compliance assessments, education/adoption training, and managed compliance programs. In addition, we also offer HITRUST CSF Certification, Certified HIPAA Professional, Certified Security Compliance Specialist, and Certified Cyber Security Architect training.

Ransomware Readiness

In 2019, nearly 70% of all Ransomware attacks targeted the healthcare industry. Are your existing defenses effective? Our incident-response and risk-assessment top-notch experts will map the gaps, validate the readiness level of your company against modern ransomware attacks, and provide operational, tactical, and strategic recommendations for remediation and improvement.

Using the leading incident response and offensive operations frameworks, our experts will help you actively examine whether your network is ready to prevent, detect, respond and recover from devastating ransomware attacks.

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