Managed Security Services

Extended Detection & Response (MXDR)

24x7x365 'Eyes on Glass' Threat Hunting & Threat Intelligence Correlation​ through
our US-based Security Operations Center

DynTek’s Managed Security Services help automate security detection and response to protect against internal and external threats to the IT infrastructure, systems, data, and more. Our team will help you enhance security visibility, effectiveness and orchestration, and reduce complexity and alert overload.

Have you asked yourself lately...

How are you monitoring your security infrastructure 24/7/365?

How much visibility do you have into what’s occurring with your users and systems?

What security controls are in place for remote access for users and third parties, and are you monitoring them?

What do you need in place to enable procurement or renewal of cybersecurity insurance?


Security Operations Center

DynTek's Security Operations Center provides Advanced Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting, Analytics, Monitoring and Alerting Services. DynTek actively monitors your environment to help you sort through the ‘noise’ of false positives in order to proactively hunt for threats and turn alerts into actionable intelligence.​ Through 24x7 'eyes on glass' coverage, we identify critical threats in near real-time and leverage analytics to gain granular detail and context for each security incident. All security events are correlated against millions of indicators of compromise in an automated manner to help detect threats that are not being identified by the security solutions in your environment. In the end, this leads to more accurate information and faster resolution time. You gain immediate insight so you can pinpoint the physical location of an incident and take appropriate action.

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Cost Savings

Realize significant cost savings compared to building and staffing in-house.

Own Your Data

DynTek monitors and reports on the data stored in your tenant​.

Data Ingestion

There is no cost for data ingestion from any Microsoft Cloud solution.


You have access and visibility into the same dashboard as the SOC analysts.

DynTek’s security experts leverage the extensive incident response capabilities available in our integrated platform to quickly identify, investigate, assess, contain, and remediate various threats.
Using native, first-party and third-party intelligence sources, DynTek’s threat experts scan various sources and consider various scenarios for maximum detection and protection.
Timely and informative reporting is available to help with attack analysis and subsequent remediation efforts.
Thousands of analytic rules, watchlists, playbooks, and automation scripts comprise an ever-expanding library to benefit our customers.
Logs are not created equal. DynTek will work with your team to identify and optimize log ingestion across a range of sources, including cloud and on-premises, to strike a balance between ample visibility into threats and cost.


DynTek's Managed Security Services are customized to your unique environment and user count and cover:



  • 24x7x365: Staffed with experienced and trained analysts actively monitoring customer environments​
  • Leverages the latest security technology and toolsets to maximize response times for security events in our customer data sets​
  • Finding and blocking malicious behavior in near real-time​
  • State-of-the-art analytics platform with granular incident detail for fast resolution​
  • Customized solutions for individual client needs​



  • Fast response times for security events with the ability to triage incidents
  • Use of machine learning to increase efficacy of detection
  • Shared knowledge gained from hundreds of projects across multiple industries
  • Customer access and visibility into the same dashboard as the SOC analysts


  • Reviews with security experts to analyze metrics, incidents, recommended security enhancements to existing toolset, and security best practices


  • US-Based Security Operations Center staffed with W-2 employees with comprehensive background checks
  • Analyst work done in a secure GovCloud environment
  • Customers maintain full custodianship and control of their data
  • Daily threat hunting and alert triage from experienced SOC analysts to rapidly contain and respond to threats
  • Threat intelligence queries comprised of millions of Indicators of Compromise to detect current and emerging threats in data source logs


  • Enhanced visibility into the security of users and systems including analysis of user and entity behavior analytics
  • Executive dashboard and data visualizations to view data in real-time
  • Performance reporting on existing cybersecurity toolset including metrics around each solution that provides data ingested into the system to justify expenditures


Vulnerability Scanning-as-a-Service

Most organizations are facing resource constraints that limit their ability to conduct vulnerability management and scanning.  The level of effort and time to review and decipher the multitude of results and reports can be overwhelming on an already taxed IT staff.  DynTek offers Vulnerability Scanning as a Service (VSaaS) to scan and report on vulnerabilities in your environment to provide the on-going, proactive defense required to protect your critical assets and systems. We configure and schedule vulnerability scans on a weekly basis by default (or other customer desired intervals), analyze the results, meet with you monthly to go over prioritized findings, and provide remediation advice to help ensure remediation efforts are clearly understood and next steps are identified.


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