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Managed Security 
Powering Protection & Compliance through Automation & Intelligence


Protecting your organization from cyber threats is a full-time job. Most IT organizations can’t do it alone and require the power of managed services and automation to create a security profile ready to meet today’s challenges.

Join DynTek as we walk through key use cases for managed security services and how it can impact and support your day-to-day operations.  We also showcase how to automate security detection and response to protect against both internal and external threats across your IT ecosystem.  Through proactive threat hunting and threat intelligence correlations, you can stop threats before they make any impact.

We review a ‘day-in-the life’ scenario to see how key features can protect your organization (and your department):

  • Find and block malicious behavior in real time
  • Fast resolution and rapid escalation when it matters most
  • Near real-time alerting and avoiding false positives
  • Around the clock coverage for full peace of mind
  • Easy to budget with low TCO
  • Meet cyber insurance and audit requirements



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