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Personalized Learning, ConnectED Title Funding & E-rate 2.0


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Access our Webinars-on-Demand featuring presenters from the One-to-One Institute, Funds for Learning, Cisco & DynTek discussing top-of-mind issues including Personalized Learning, Common Core, ConnectED Title Funding and e-Rate.

Charting Your Course to a 1:1 Personalized Learning Program
Learn about the strategies, best practices and key roadblocks K-12 institutions must evaluate when creating a personalized, 1:1 learning environment. We focus on the current and future education landscape and chart the roadmap schools can take to put students at the center through a highly personalized system that is powered up by 1:1 technologies.  In addition, we  discuss how Common Core State Standards, which are crucial to students’ achievement, are driving many 1:1 technology implementations that also provide student-driven focus and learning activities.

ConnectED Title Funding: What Your School Needs to Know
Learn about ConnectED Title funding programs that your school can leverage to enrich K-12 education for every student, empower teachers with the best technology and training and focus on individualized learning for students.

E-rate 2.0 – Strategies to Successfully Navigate the New E-rate Program
E-rate 2.0 promises to give new prospects for network equipment funding for many school and library sites nationwide. Take a look at the new E-rate program and how applicants can remain compliant with program rules while taking the necessary steps for a successful application.