Transform Your Organization With Cloud Computing Technologies

    The intersection of business and technology rests in the cloud. Leverage cloud computing technology to make your infrastructure more nimble, accessible and secure.

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    3 Reasons To Use The Cloud: Scalability, Speed, Price

    The cloud is an opportunity to transform the way you do business. Cloud solutions can scale on demand, deploy at top speed and have a lower cost than traditional infrastructure solutions.
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    Welcome To The Cloud

    Cloud is a state of mind – it’s a new way of looking at your business. Changing your thinking and adopting the cloud helps you become more productive. DynTek’s cloud solutions transform your organization and its productivity. We’re fluent in cloud and we teach our clients to be the same.

    Migrating To The Cloud

    The biggest struggle organizations have with the cloud is not knowing enough about it. DynTek’s solution architects can help you devise a cloud strategy that meets your organization’s unique needs and challenges. Whether you’re looking to migrate to a private, public or hybrid cloud environment, DynTek has the expertise to make the migration smooth, getting the results you need quicker.

    Hybrid Cloud

    Reinventing how to use your present productivity solutions is what DynTek does best. As your organization grows, so will your needs. Hybrid cloud solutions take your existing or on-premises data center infrastructure and make it faster, more accessible and reliable by extending it into the cloud.

    Quick To Start, Never Down

    When it comes to getting a network solution up and running, nothing is faster than the to-market time of a cloud solution. Moreover, with worldwide cloud data centers securely hosting your files, disaster recovery and downtime are significantly minimized.

    Collaboration & Productivity

    Cloud-based collaboration solutions enable complete automation and integration between your phone, laptop and other devices. This means you can have an idea at your desk, flesh it out from the back seat of a taxi on the way to the airport and send a draft to colleagues from the hotel room later that day. When your employees can work from anywhere – and on any device – they’re more productive and happier.

    Cloud Security

    What are you doing to protect your cloud infrastructure from a DDoS attack? If you (or your cloud service provider) don’t have anti-DDoS detection and migration in place, the security of your network is compromised. DynTek lives and breathes security so you don’t have to. We fight DDoS attacks in our sleep, and we provide solutions for data encryption, identity and access management, virtual firewalls and more security monitoring capabilities designed to keep your information safe.

    Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure is a worldwide network of data centers. DynTek connects you to Azure by transforming your existing data center into a hybrid solution that extends to the global Azure network, giving you the assurance that it’s accessible at anytime from anywhere. Even in the event of a disaster at one location, your data remains safe and online, backed by the strength of the global cloud.
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