DynTek Government Contracts

    View DynTek’s IT services government contracts.

    Florida Government Contracts

    Contact: Darlene Pricher

    Phone: 850-219-7917


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    State of Florida Information Technology (IT) Products and Consulting Services

    Contract Number: 252-GSA

    DynTek GSA Number:  GS-35F-0025N
    Term: Current

    DynTek is authorized to provide IT products and consulting services to the State of Florida agencies and local government via the GSA Schedule 70 contract.

    NASPO ValuePoint (NVP) - Cisco

    Formerly called WSCA/NASPO

    MPA#: #AR233 (14-19)
    Participating Addendum#: 43220000-WSCA-14-ACS
    Term: 10/14/14 - 5/31/21

    DynTek offers Cisco equipment products and services via the NVP contract.

    NASPO ValuePoint (NVP) - NetApp

    Formerly called WSCA/NASPO

    MPA#: MNWNC-121
    Contract #: 43211500-WSCA-15-ACS
    Term: 07/01/15 through 07/31/21

    DynTek offers NetApp products and services under the NVP contract via DLT.

    State of Florida Information Technology (IT) Staff Augmentation Services

    Contract Number: 80101507-SA-19-01
    Term: 9/1/20 - 8/31/22

    DynTek is authorized to provide IT Staff Augmentation services for all job title types on an hourly basis.

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