DynTek Government Contracts

    View DynTek’s IT services government contracts.

    Connecticut Government Contracts

    Contact: Denise Leonard

    Phone: 518-207-3402


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    State of Connecticut Community-Technical Colleges (CCC)

    Contract Number: SO-75-14

    NJ State Contract Number: BOR-14-09

    Term: 04/01/2014 - 06/30/2019

    DynTek is approved to provide various information technology products.

    Connecticut Department of Administrative Services (DAS)

    Classifications: Telecommunications Systems
    Term: 1/23/19 thru 1/22/20

    DynTek has been pre-qualified as a Contractor for installation, repair and maintenance of telephone, intercom, television, computer network or related equipment for a major communication system within a building.

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