The Remote Work Experience: Moving from Survival to Revival Mode

Executive Briefing | Thursday, June 11, 2020 | 10 AM  to 12 PM Pacific Time

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As we begin to emerge from emergency mode in the wake of COVID-19, organizations are working to operationalize new standards of collaboration, communication, and security.  

Join executives from DynTek & Cisco for this interactive discussion on how to create a flexible and agile infrastructure ready to support a rapidly changing landscape and create connected experiences.

Our Panel Includes:

  • Executive Overview: Changing the way we work, live, play and learn before and after COVID-19
    Jim Grubb | Cisco Technology Evangelist

  • Connected Experience: Enhancing/Transitioning to remote working and learning using Cisco Webex
    Dr. Lance Ford | Collaboration Extraordinaire

  • Cisco Security Strategy Overview: Cisco’s Zero Trust Approach to enable a remote workforce with end-to-end security
    Craig Tranter | Distinguished Security Communicator

  • Cisco Collaboration Workplace Transformation: The Workplace in the Post COVID-19 World
    Mark Miller | Transformational Visionary

  • Creating an Agile Architecture
    Wes Brown | VP Architecture, DynTek

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