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Technology is changing the way we do business at an exponential rate.  As organizations try to stay ahead of the curve and plan for what’s next for their IT infrastructure, they need to realize that we are truly at an inflection point in the data center.

We are at an Inflection Point in the Data Center

Increased data capacity needs and the advent of hyperconvergence are making organizations think about their infrastructure.

Organizations are creating and relying on applications that require higher performance

Organizations are seeing that their data center traffic is increasing at a quick pace

Global data center traffic will nearly triple over the next 5 years*

78% of IT teams believe their network is more crucial to delivering applications than just a year ago*

44% of organizations say that improving operational efficiency is their most important IT priority*

Organizations are realizing that legacy IT components make it difficult to easily increase IT efficiency

What Technology is Driving This?

The inflection point we are at is driven by three main technologies that are significantly changing the landscape of the data center.

flash storage

Transforms storage and has become ubiquitous in the data center.

flash storage uses:

less floor space

less power

The full cost of flash is actually rivaling the cost of hard disk storage, and will likely be less expensive soon

Flash Storage like EMC XtremeIO is trusted by 40% of Fortune 200 Companies*

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Compute, network, storage and management are all in one appliance.

Because of the ease of deployment and agility, ROI is quickly seen

Hyperconverged Infrastructure is still in infancy, as 76% of organizations still have NOT adopted it.*

How agile?

EMC Vspex Blue enables you to roll out 100VMs in 15 minutes*

Disaster Recovery Hybridization

Flexibility in disaster recovery options are forcing organizations to make a choice.

Organizations must choose to make an investment now, or choose to pay as they go

Disaster recovery (DR) is not a


all solution

EMC Avamar helps organizations create strong foundation for DR, without a large investment

less cooling

Data Center Consolidation

IT Efficiency Improvement

IT Modernization or Refresh

Improve RTOs or RPOs


dyntek can enable it to drive the business

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  • We bring insight and impactful solutions that have worked
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  • We build and architect solutions that focus on the data needed
    to run your organization

Source: *Cisco 2015 Global Cloud Index, Hyperconverged.org 2015 State of Hyperconverged Infrastructure Market Report, FEMA Report

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