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Take advantage of Cisco's Threat-Based Email Security

Protect Against Spoofing Attacks

From October 2013 to August 2015, the FBI estimated that Business Email Compromise (BEC) had cost companies $1.2B globally. This number was updated to $2.3B through February 2016. Spoofing attacks, a type of BEC, have focused particularly on executives considered high-value targets. AsyncOS 10.0 includes Forged Email Detection to help block these targeted attacks and provides detailed logs on all attempts and actions taken.

Office 365 Customers Can Automate Malware Remediation

When malware does infiltrate the network you need to remediate breaches fast. Office 365 customers can now automatically remediate malware with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) retrospective security. The manual process of cleaning up infected mailboxes one by one and submitting tickets is now automated, freeing up resources to focus on running the business. Email administrators can simply set their email security solution to take automatic actions on those infected emails, for example deleting them, and access audit logs to track all actions taken on mailboxes.

AMP Private Cloud for Stringent Privacy Requirements

For customers in industries, markets or regions with stringent privacy mandates, Cisco Email Security now offers a new Advanced Malware Protection private cloud allowing customers to host their AMP file reputation cloud on-premises. This, along with the AMP Threat Grid appliance, brings the entire AMP offering completely on-premise. Simultaneously, customers still benefit from AMP public cloud updates.

Track Specific URLs in an Email for Improved Visibility

URL logging and message tracking helps pinpoint the specific URL within an email that caused it to be identified as malicious. This allows email administrators to understand their threat posture specific to malicious URLs and potentially tune their systems to thwart future attacks and remediate possible exposure.