Next Generation Data Storage Solutions from NetApp and a NetApp Partner

As a Gold NetApp Partner, DynTek helps organizations provide data control, accelerate business operations, simplify the management of storage systems and meet demanding performance and capacity requirements.

Protect your data, wherever it goes

Modern businesses are more agile and data-driven than ever before.

Advances in technology are enabling these enterprises to communicate more fluidly with customers and partners around the world. At the same time, there has been an exponential growth in actionable data generated by a global economy.

As technology rapidly evolves, the challenges and costs associated with maintaining traditional data protection methods increase substantially, and are often too slow, too expensive, too risky or too complex.

Transform Your Data Protection

Discover the advantages of taking a new approach to protecting your business-critical data.

DynTek: Microsoft Gold Partner certified in Microsoft training, support and solutions.

Designing the Next Generation Data Center

Next generation data centers allow your IT staff to do what they were hired for: innovate your infrastructure and advance your business. Get an in-depth introduction to the five architectural principles guiding the development of the next generation data center.

Enjoy the Rewards of Game-Changing Performance with NetApp All Flash FAS

NetApp All Flash FAS storage solution greatly accelerates storage application performance and drives down database costs by combining all-flash performance with leading data management. 
It increases the overall efficiency, reliability and flexibility of IT operations. Future proof your investment with seamless data movement from flash, to disk, to cloud.

NetApp All Flash FAS:

  • Accelerates latency - sensitive workloads up to 20x
  • Excellent return on investment for DB environments: Achieve up to six months payback
  • Reduce storage by 5x to 10x with data-reduction technologies



NetApp AltaVault is the only cloud-integrated storage that enables data backups to the cloud at up to 90% less TCO than traditional methods.

ESG reveals that 49% of organizations are using the cloud for data backup and archiving.1

It's time for your organization to leverage the benefits of the cloud to optimize your backup and archiving.

FlexPod Advantage: Performance, Agility, Economics

Accelerate data center transformation and business evolution

FlexPod with All-Flash FAS helps you see things differently. Your IT. Your applications. Your enterprise. That’s because FlexPod with All Flash FAS has reached all new levels of performance, agility and economic benefit. In today’s crowded markets, FlexPod is your advantage.

And when you run the numbers and see that the flash storage of All-Flash FlexPod cost you less than disk? And you have 76% ROI after just a year and a half, plus a free storage controller upgrade? That’s just good economics.
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