Stay connected. Even in challenging times.

To support healthcare providers, teachers and students, and the huge number of people working from home, DynTek and Aruba are committed to help maintain business continuity in these challenging times.



Enterprises and mid-size businesses alike cannot afford to shut down due to man-made incidents, natural disasters, or pandemics. Contingency planning is essential to ensuring business continuity. Using mobile applications and cloud-hosted services not only delivers convenient and instant access to needed information and resources but enables people to work, study, and interact with peers without interruption. However, in order to implement work from home policies for the line of business (LOB) that handles private or sensitive data as well as organizations that need to maintain compliance, technology solutions that help mitigate risk and address privacy and security concerns are needed. By deploying Aruba Central, a wide range of remote networking requirements can be quickly addressed from a single pane of glass.
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In health systems all over the world, there is what’s known as a rapid response team. When a patient’s clinical status deteriorates, the best practice is to assemble a multi-disciplinary team of medical experts to rapidly solve the problem. As the world continues to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, health organizations are quickly initiating Rapid Response plans. Aruba can be a part of this multi-disciplinary team to help address the critical challenges facing Healthcare IT during this time. We are responding to this crisis with the same “Customer First, Customer Last” approach that has long endeared us to healthcare customers all over the world.


Although eLearning and distance learning isn’t new, universities and schools are scaling quickly to enable teaching and learning from home. Institutions need to continually think about best solutions for ensuring high-quality education and how to pivot quickly for the  “next-gen” delivery mode. Learn more about where we are today, solutions that can help organizations, and  enabling either in-person or online learning.



For years, brick and mortar retailers have had to work differently to survive. Competitive pressures from online retailers inspired new innovations and personalized services to gain and retain loyal shoppers. The challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and mandates to curb in-store shopping and dining, is yet again prompting retailers to get creative to “keep their doors open”. Grocery stores who have not yet started app-based ordering and pick-up are doing so now. Traditional dine-in restaurants are now adopting the same practices as traditional drive-thru chains. As retailers look to change the way they serve customers, Aruba can help. 

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