Maximize IT for Real Business Advantage with Hitachi Data Systems

    Whether you’re trying to improve decision-making, accelerate time to market or increase staff efficiencies, capitalizing on IT is essential for business advantage. Using traditional approaches to building and managing your IT infrastructure no longer seem to make economic sense.

    Create a Next-Gen Business Advantage

    Hitachi Data Systems and DynTek partner to create innovative storage, networking, software, compute and converged solutions tailored for your demanding business needs.  Achieving the most from IT depends on performance, efficiency and economics.  DynTek can help you leverage Hitachi platforms to exploit these must haves with potent technologies to help you command greater business value.

    • Improve SLAs.
    • Deploy applications faster.
    • Simplify with automation.
    • Speed business response time.
    • Lower capex and opex.
    • Gain infrastructure efficiency.
    • Improve time to market.
    • Increase staff productivity.

    DynTek: Hitachi

    Succeed With Next-Gen Platforms

    Hitachi Accelerated Flash
    Hitachi Accelerated Flash is unique in the storage market. Purpose built for enterprise workloads, it accelerates business-critical applications so you can generate newer, faster possibilities for innovation.

    Hitachi Unified Compute Platform
    Hitachi Unified Compute Platform solutions drive greater business velocity, with custom-built certified solutions that accelerate applications and efficiencies. Ideal for mission-critical workloads, these converged infrastructure solutions combine best-of-breed storage, server, networking and software management in fully integrated packages. Deploy quickly, benefit faster.

    Hitachi Unified Storage Family and the Gateway Hitachi NAS Platform Family
    Consolidate file sharing and manage data growth with Hitachi Unified Storage systems and gateway Hitachi NAS Platform systems. The new and enhanced family of unified and gateway products comes fully loaded with intelligent data services, such as dynamic provisioning, tiering, virtualization, snapshot cloning, replication and cloud infrastructure support. High performance, exceptional scalability and accelerated deduplication help you boost utilization and simplify throughout the data center.

    Advance to a Software-Defined Infrastructure

    Chart your course to IT as a Service (ITaaS) with software-defined, application-led infrastructure.  A software-defined infrastructure simplifies IT via automated orchestration and management. Systems in the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform family offer industry-leading storage virtualization for an agile software-defined solution.

    Advantages of a Software-Defined Data Center

    Software-defined infrastructure addresses 3 critical areas: automation, abstraction and access.

    Automate IT Infrastructure to Simplify
    Nearly 30% of IT time is spent on tedious tasks and almost 40% of outages are due to human error. IT Automation reduces costs associated with errors and allows administrators to focus on revenue-generating activities.

    Abstract Infrastructure for Agility
    Traditional infrastructures are complex, and device-level management is limiting. IT infrastructure abstraction enables administrators to virtualize assets and tailor IT assets to the application.

    Access More Data for Insights
    Instead of siloing data, software-defined infrastructure allows you to store, share, synchronize, protect, preserve, analyze and retrieve data seamlessly.
    DynTek: FireEye Platinum Partner, experts in end point computing security for business, gov., edu.
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