Stop Cyber Attacks With FireEye

Cyber security needs to be ingrained into every corner of your organization. DynTek partners with FireEye to help you combat the rapidly evolving threats in today’s cyber landscape with comprehensive security solutions.

Reimagine Your Approach To Cyber Security

DynTek leverages the FireEye platform to help organizations reimagine cyber security and adopt a Continuous Threat Protection model that keeps trade secrets, personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property and other sensitive information under your control.
FP Platinum
DynTek: FireEye Platinum Partner, experts in end point computing security for business, gov., edu.

Prevent, Detect, Contain, Resolve

As a FireEye partner, DynTek brings your organization the cyber security leader’s multi-faceted approach to protecting against cyber attacks. Real-time, proactive blocking enables prevention and actionable intelligence gathering. Detecting both known and unknown threats is made possible through an advanced security architecture. When threats arise, FireEye rapidly curbs the impact of the attack by containing the threat. Resolution of security incidents is timely and cost-effective, while also providing rich information on the business impact.

FireEye Threat Prevention Platform

Elevate security through FireEye’s Threat Prevention Platform. Provide real-time, dynamic threat protection without the use of signatures. FireEye’s sophisticated platform protects an organization across the primary threat vectors, including web, email and files, and across the different stages of an attack life cycle.

  • Enrich the threat detection efficacy at a network and host level
  • Scale performance and throughput to successfully counter the advanced cyber attacks across diverse types of networks (enterprise, government, small and midsize businesses, branch offices) and deployment scenarios (on-premises, cloud, endpoint, mobile)
  • Detect today’s advanced threats and prevent future attacks
DynTek: FireEye Platinum Partner, experts in end point computing security for business, gov., edu.
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