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Top 3 Insights from the Trellix 2023 Threat Predictions

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With cybersecurity threats on the rise and organizations struggling to keep up and do moretrellix threat predictions with less, having a way to see into the future and know where to allocate your time, money and resources helps to ensure the safety of your organization. Every year, Trellix looks into its crystal ball and shares its thoughts on what the next year in cyber threats may look like. This year, the Trellix Advanced Research Center (ARC) team’s work has informed predictions spanning from bitcoins to cyberwar to impacts on the software supply chain.
In this webinar, from December 14, 2022, John Fokker, Head of Threat Intelligence, Trellix, was joined by his colleagues in the Trellix Advanced Research Center for this insightful panel discussion. Guests include: 
  • Douglas McKee, Director of Vulnerability Research and Principal Engineer, Trellix 
  • Anne An, Senior Security Researcher, Trellix
  • Max Kersten, Malware Analyst, Trellix 
Together, they shared a few of the many insights provided in the Trellix Advanced Research Center 2023 Threat Predictions report and did a deep dive on key topics such as: 
  • Geopolitics 
  • Cyberwarfare 
  • Shifts in threat actor behavior 
  • Threats to enterprise applications and the software supply chain
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