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Three Critical Cybersecurity Trends that Affect Your Business

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Today, organizations are experiencing more attacks across broader attack vectors.  It now takes longer to detect attacks in progress, and companies are sustaining more damage to their networks due to their lack of incident response capabilities.

Three cybersecurity trends have surfaced as a result…

  1. Devices continue to proliferate at an incredible rate, and the quantity of devices out there will soon surpass the ability of established security architectures to protect them. It’s a struggle to keep up with the most recent version of the iPhone, let alone security systems that completely protect these devices.
  1. The growing shortage of cybersecurity professionals is leaving organizations short-staffed in the critical early moments of incident response. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts a global workforce shortage of 1.5 million cybersecurity professionals by 2020. Without a reassessment of how enterprise cybersecurity is managed, companies simply will not find enough people with the right level of work experience and skills to protect themselves and their customers.
  1. Companies are seeing a huge increase in the rate of threat innovation and quantity of attacks. Ten years ago, McAfee Labs saw about 25 new pieces of malicious code or malware a day. Today, researchers identify 316 new threats every minute, or more than five every second. These are new samples of malware that the industry has not seen before, and they are more likely to be undetected by the organizations they target.

It is critical that you understand the severity of cyber-attacks so you can do something about them before they happen. And the days of stitching together disparate software systems is long gone.

The increase and severity of cyber-attacks means that in order to stay ahead ofsecurity-insights-icon.jpg the threat, you need to streamline operations onto one comprehensive system. That doesn’t mean you have to buy everything from one vendor, but you do need to look for products that do more than just share raw threat data. To work in concert, the system as a whole needs to share context, critical event data, and organizational intelligence.

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