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Why The Hybrid & Flexible Workforce Needs an Optimal Application Delivery and Security Solution

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We want it now. We want it everywhere. We want it fast.

That’s the mantra of today’s remote workforce. The COVID-19 pandemic has validated a growing belief that a dispersed staff working from multiple locations can still be highly productive. However, making sure that happens requires establishing a network infrastructure that provides an optimal user experience while ensuring the highest levels of security.

Meeting those two key goals in a world of virtual apps and desktops requires a secure, user-centric application delivery solution. Implementing an effective application delivery controller (ADC) can help you meet four key challenges.


One of the most critical benefits of an ADC it’s its ability to provide contextual authentication, authorization, and access. Contextual Authentication allows you to validate the user and the device he or she is using with multifactor authentication. Contextual Authorization enables you to limit application and desktop availability based on the user, location, and device properties. Contextual Access allows you to control access to certain capabilities by modifying connection behavior.

Availability and Resiliency

In a data center, you can have multiple instances acting in concert so if one goes down the other is able to pick up the load. You also want to enable load balancing and failover capability between multiple physical data center locations.


Optimal network performance requires end-to-end monitoring with the ability to identify the source of delays to help triage issues that can impact user performance. You also want deep application health monitoring of back-end services running on your delivery controller servers.


You need to be able to deliver a superior user experience by dynamically responding to changing network conditions. You also want to ensure a better user experience by always launching applications and desktops from the local gateway.

Citrix ADC allows you to deploy any application, anywhere including legacy and modern apps in an on-prem, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment with operational consistency. This enables fast response to app requests and always-available apps to ensure the productivity of your remote workforce.

As a Citrix Platinum partner, DynTek can help your organization securely deliver apps, desktops, data, and services to any device on any network or in the cloud. For more information on how DynTek can help you leverage the power of the Citrix ADC controller, click here to view our on-demand webinar Redefining Optimal Performance: Security-First, User-Centric Application Delivery.