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Revolutionize Your Business with Microsoft Office 365 E5

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Portable, Follow Me Communications and Collaboration Powered by the Cloud

Imagine you’re getting ready for a road trip. You have to be across the country tomorrow for a meeting and you’re just getting your things organized at the office. Now imagine if you could pick up the phone on your desk, pack it in your suitcase and bring it along with you. Same phone number, same capabilities to hold, forward, conference, etc. Wouldn’t that be incredible if you could do that?

Well, you can! Now with Microsoft’s Office 365 E5 plan, you could literally pick your phone up from your desk, pack it in your suitcase, and set it up anywhere you have a reasonable internet connection. Hotel, conference room, whatever. Can you imagine the power and flexibility that would bring to your life?

With the addition of PSTN (Packet Switched Telephone Network) calling and Cloud_telephony.jpg“Cloud PBX” into its Office 365 offering, Microsoft has transformed the way we will do business. This is undoubtedly one of the most profound technological advancements in recent history, combining the power of email, instant messaging, dial-in conferencing and of course, full “Voice in the Cloud” capabilities into a single subscription in Office 365.

The ramifications are nothing short of revolutionary, if you think about it. You can now own one phone number that interacts with your colleagues at work, but will have the unique ability to “follow you wherever you go” around the globe. As long as you can get to the Internet, you can keep using the same phone number and PBX system that you use sitting at your desk in the office. And the features are amazing when you imagine the portability. Microsoft’s E5 Cloud PBX comes with call hold/retrieve, call transfer, call forwarding, camp on, distinctive ring, simultaneous ring, voicemail, USB peripherals, delegation (boss/admin) and team calling.

In addition, another feature of the “Cloud Telephony” E5 subscription is dial-in conferencing capability. This allows you to set-up a meeting using Skype for Business in your Outlook mail client and automatically add a dial-in telephone number to the meeting, so colleagues, customers, or anyone else who does not currently have Skype for Business can dial in on a standard phone connection.

In addition to the incredible phone features, Microsoft’s E5 also has the full desktop version of Microsoft’s popular Office productivity suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, etc.), Office on tablets, (iPad, Droid and Windows Mobile), Online Meetings, Broadcast Meetings, Instant Messaging, Advanced Email with unlimited Archive, Advanced Information Protection, Analytics… the features go on and on. All of this for a MSRP of $35.00 per month! That may be equal or less than you are paying for your phone system alone.

Imagine, if you own a small business with 5-10 employees. Now imagine that you just found out that the building across town is offering office space with better features, better leasing terms and a much better view. Now imagine if the pain of moving to that new office were largely alleviated, because you could literally pickup up all of the phones from your desktops, carry them to the new offices, plug them into the Internet and be back up and running in less than a day! No waiting for the phone company to move the lines or the PBX guys to move the PBX. Just pick up and go!