Azure Governance & Security Strategies

In what seems to be an all-out sprint to migrate to the cloud, many companies struggle with their ability to control and manage this new environment.  Azure Governance provides an integrated approach for reviewing and advising organizations of usage within their Azure cloud environment.  With well defined objectives, Azure Governance impacts the decision-making process involved in the planning, architecture, acquisitions, deployment, operations, and management of a cloud computing environment.

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Enterprise Digital Transformation – A One and NOT Done Process

The Trends Shaping the Future of Digital Transformation

Companies undertake digital transformation projects for a variety of reasons – sometimes driven by customers’ needs or by internally driven process improvement. But whatever the reason to start, it’s never a one and done process.  Staying on top of digital transformation requires an organizational commitment to ongoing change and improvement.

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3 Ways Microsoft is Minimizing Security Risks for Firstline Workers

According to a survey from the Enterprise Strategy Group, nearly half of responding organizations experienced a ransomware attack in the previous 12 months impacting more than five percent of their endpoints. A third of respondents ranked interruptions to standard business operations as the top impact of compromised endpoints.

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4 Ways Microsoft is Supporting the Open Source Community

The growing use of cloud computing has opened a vast new array of solutions for users in nearly every industry. The key to unleashing the value of these solutions is the continued use of open source tools and resources. Open source allows businesses to choose the right technology for their specific needs without being locked in to any single vendor technology.

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