3 Areas to Focus on to Empower the Developers of Tomorrow

On a single summer day in 2015, United Airlines’ fleet was grounded because of a glitch in its departure-management system, the New York Stock exchange was forced to suspend trading following an upgrade, the Wall Street Journal’s website crashed, and Seattle’s 911 system went down when a router failed.[1]

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4 Steps to Harden Your Cloud Environment

According to a recent report from Kaspersky Lab, almost half of enterprises that use the cloud lack a clear understanding of where their data resides and so really don’t know if it is secure. Security continues to top the list of concerns for organizations who are migrating more of their applications and data to the cloud. There are significant benefits for businesses who leverage cloud resources like those of Microsoft Azure, but securing the data that resides there is critical.

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3 Ways Azure Information Protection Can Secure Your Data

It is estimated that nearly 4 billion people use the Internet today. The amount of data being generated and shared is nearly incalculable as software and hardware advances make the sharing of data simpler by the day. This can be both a blessing and a curse.

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