The Public Sector Cybersecurity Challenge: 3 Things to Consider

The key drivers of public sector security risks

There are a number of circumstances that are significantly increasing the security risks of public sector entities. Lack of appropriate resources due to constrained budgets are hampering government IT organizations and makes meeting the demand from citizens for more expansive digital access particularly difficult.

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Remote Workers Can Be a Huge Advantage, But Support and Security are Key Concerns

A recent article in Forbes called 2020 the Year of the Remote Worker. According to one analysis, almost 40 percent of U.S. full-time workers hold jobs that can be done effectively away from the office. Three out of four respondents to a Gartner survey of 317 CFOs and finance leaders said they will move at least five percent of previously on-site employees to permanent remote positions.[1]

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Data Center Transformation: Visibility + Automation = Speed

In previous posts on Data Center Transformation, we talked about the importance of visibility and automation to a successful implementation. Those two pillars leads to the ultimate goal of transformation: speed. In today’s digital world, businesses rely heavily on the speed with which their IT organizations can deliver information. Speed of information is necessary to provide customers with the experiences they demand and help business leaders make decisions crucial to their organizations. The growth of cloud computing, virtualization, software defined network, and microservices lead to an agile, flexible organization that enables the speed that is demanded from today’s IT organization.

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The Remote Workforce is Here to Stay: Is Your Organization Ready?

The nationwide quarantines that have locked down workers in their homes have resulted in a dramatic increase in people working remotely. Although the COVID-19 pandemic may have highlighted the need for working away from the office, the reality is that the trend toward remote working has been gaining steam for a while now.

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