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Office 365 E5 Enhancement Part 2: Advanced Threat Protection and Customer Lockbox

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Security is still the number one concern for users placing their data and servers in the cloud. Microsoft understands these concerns and is taking the necessary precautions to set user’s minds at ease. Advanced Threat Protection and Customer Lockbox in Office 365 E5 are great examples of how Microsoft makes this happen.

Advanced Threat Protection:

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a mail filtering service, running as a component of the Enhanced Online Protection (EOP) “Front End” of the Office advcloudsecurity.png365 system.  ATP helps protect your company against sophisticated attacks that may be introduced via email or email attachments. Malware protection capabilities, virus and malware detection all happen in real time. ATP also has advanced reporting and tracking capabilities that provide managers with a perspective on the types of attacks that are being launched against your organization.

By placing greater restrictions and defense mechanisms on incoming data, Office 365 can help users control their data and keep it secure. The enhanced anti-spam and anti-virus functionality of ATP, builds on the foundation of an already proven system in EOP and allows a deeper scan of inbound emails, controlling attachments and links to protect your users, their files and their devices.

Customer Lockbox:

Another area of concern is identifying who has access to your cloud data. By design, Office 365 support personnel working at the Microsoft data centers cannot access your data for any reason. If there is a problem and they need to access the data, Microsoft needs to undergo a rigorous and highly supervised process to proceed.

Customer Lockbox makes you the final approver for data access. To enable it, you have to go to the data access option in the service center tab of Office 365. Once enabled, any requests that Microsoft makes for data access will arrive in your inbox. You can manage all your approvals and access permissions within the admin center in Office 365.

Greater control through ATP and Customer Lockbox in Office 365 makes putting your data in the cloud a little easier. Knowing you are in control of data access, managing all approval rights and deciding who can access your data and when they can access it is the key to keeping your data safe and your mind at ease.

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