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Microsoft + McAfee Integration for Enhanced Security in Azure, Office 365 & Win 10 Environments

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MS McAfee Webinar blogMcAfee helps customers adopt Microsoft Azure and Office 365 with the same security controls available in a private data center. McAfee understands the complexity of the cloud and has designed a security architecture and multiple integration points to enhance your overall security posture. This includes new processes and techniques to protect the entire stack and capabilities to inspect north-south as well as east-west traffic, in addition to the ability to manage across hybrid environments with one management tool and with one security policy.

View this webinar-on-demand to learn about:

  • Strategies to secure multi-cloud environments
  • Driving Win 10 migrations in a McAfee ePO  managed environment
  • MVISION Mobile integration with Intune
  • Managing secure identities in the cloud
  • McAfee Cloud Solutions and how they are deployed inside of Azure