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How Microsoft 365 Overcomes 3 Key Training Obstacles for Firstline Workers

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Unhappy employees, low production, unsafe working environment, ineffective management, increased expenses, and loss of customers. These can all be caused by a failure to train and upskill your firstline workers. According to Microsoft, firstline workers make up 80 percent of the global workforce. These are the sales associates, factory workers, medical staff, and customer service personnel that are first to engage your customers, represent your company brand, and see your products and services in action.

These individuals have a direct and critical impact on the overall success of yourfirstline workers business. Their daily ingenuity, creativity, and actions move your business forward, making them the heartbeat of your organization. Since they play such an important role in your company, it’s crucial that you provide the training that will give them the essential skills they need to perform their jobs.

Microsoft 365 is providing valuable new experiences to help you deliver the training that will increase institutional knowledge and create opportunities for workers to develop, grow, and apply these newly developed skills. Here is how Microsoft 365 can help overcome three key training obstacles that can prevent your firstline workers from getting the training and skills they need.

Unable to access onboarding training content on demand

Properly preparing new firstline workers begins with the all-important onboarding process. Many companies struggle with this training stage and fall into the trap of throwing firstline workers into the fire of daily duties without appropriate instruction.

Microsoft 365 helps avoid this pitfall by distributing onboarding materials and training materials to any device quickly. This allows you to provide firstline workers with a solid foundational base from which they can grow into effective, productive contributors to your organization.

Lack of system to digitally distribute training material

Trying to maintain an up-to-date training program using paper-filled binders is cumbersome, time-consuming, and ultimately ineffective. Such analog systems tend to always be out of date and fail to adequately provide the information and process instructions your firstline workers need.

Microsoft 365 enables you to digitize your program allowing you to easily keep training materials up to date and make sharing of dynamic, role-based content and video simple. It makes it easy to retain and manage institutional knowledge in one place - the key to an effective training program.

Inability to access best practices

Properly training firstline workers involves providing a vast array of important process and techniques for performing their jobs and satisfying customers. Not being able to share these learnings with other workers is a waste of valuable institutional knowledge.

Microsoft 365 allows you to set up a digital library of best practices that enables employees to find and build on the experience of fellow workers. Access to this important database enables firstline workers to harness and learn from the real-time expertise of others.

Regardless of industry, a critical question for executives is whether they are effectively developing and equipping their employees for success in the digital age. In the Firstline Workforce, this mean addressing the tremendous variability in workers’ roles, needs, tenure and profiles. Microsoft is helping to ensure you fully develop the talents of your firstline workers by providing intelligent tools and digital business processes they need to be agile in meeting customer needs.

Find out how DynTek can help you develop an effective training program for your firstline workers using Microsoft solutions.