Azure Governance Chapter 1: Implementation of Policies, Processes and Procedures as per Organizational Objectives

Posted by Steven Sanchez on Feb 14, 2019 12:23:24 PM

Azure Governance has an overarching framework with four high-level components: Azure Policy, Azure Blueprints, Azure Management Groups, and Azure Resource Graphs.  Within these four components lie several specific controls to ensure a healthy and cost-effective cloud environment. 

The short clip below is a snapshot from @DynTek’s Azure Governance & Security Strategies webinar-on-demand that dives into the details of each of the four defined components, and the controls to ensure successful management.


Chapter 1

The four objectives to Azure Governance are as follows. 

  • Azure Policy allows policies and restrictions to be applied to the Azure environment right down to each resource level, including resource type and resource location. 
  • Azure Blueprints project out company initiates and apply group policies and templates to any new Azure subscriptions. 
  • Azure Management Groups consolidate related operational characteristics of the organization across subscriptions.  Management Groups can include resources that are across subscriptions within one single tenant, which yields more control over differentiation of departments and cost centers. 
  • Finally, Azure Resource Graphs provide visibility and audit capability into all resources. 

Within those four objectives to Azure Governance, certain controls can be applied to ensure sustainability.  Account Provisioning, Subscription Controls, Role-Based Access Controls, Resource Management, Resource Tracking, Critical Resource Control, API Access to Billing Information, and Networking Controls are all available to aid in the management and control of an organization’s Azure cloud environment.

Look for Chapter 2: Security and Continuous Compliance with Organizational Standards coming out next week. 

Also, to view the full Azure Governance & Security Strategies webinar-on-demand, please visit

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