Data Center Transformation: Visibility + Automation = Speed

In previous posts on Data Center Transformation, we talked about the importance of visibility and automation to a successful implementation. Those two pillars leads to the ultimate goal of transformation: speed. In today’s digital world, businesses rely heavily on the speed with which their IT organizations can deliver information. Speed of information is necessary to provide customers with the experiences they demand and help business leaders make decisions crucial to their organizations. The growth of cloud computing, virtualization, software defined network, and microservices lead to an agile, flexible organization that enables the speed that is demanded from today’s IT organization.

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Automation: The Driving Force Behind Data Center Transformation

In a previous post, we discussed the inherent conflict that exists in the typical IT organization. Various business units like operations, quality assurance, architecture/engineering, security, development, and change management, each carrying out their responsibilities separately from one another. The result of this isolated approach to IT operations management is additional rework and delays when it comes to implementation of innovative features and functions needed by the business.

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Why Visibility Is Key to Data Center Transformation

Over the years, the IT data center has taken on an increasingly important role in supporting business operations. The volume, variety, and velocity of data being managed has grown exponentially and managing the resulting complexity has become a major challenge for IT leaders. The demands on data centers continue to increase with the advent of virtualization, automated allocation, and the move from on premises hardware to cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

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