The cloud on-ramp you've been waiting for

Finally! The time you’ve been waiting for has arrived. All internal objections and hesitations from management have been overcome. You’ve presented the business case—and succeeded.

Congratulations! You are ready to begin leveraging SaaS applications and possibly deploying some of your own workloads into the cloud.

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Azure Governance & Security Strategies

In what seems to be an all-out sprint to migrate to the cloud, many companies struggle with their ability to control and manage this new environment.  Azure Governance provides an integrated approach for reviewing and advising organizations of usage within their Azure cloud environment.  With well defined objectives, Azure Governance impacts the decision-making process involved in the planning, architecture, acquisitions, deployment, operations, and management of a cloud computing environment.

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Dreaming, Driving and Doing in Westchester County: Taking Government IT to the Next Level

When the subject of technology comes up, most people think of powerhouse private sector companies in Silicon Valley, Research Triangle Park, or Boston’s 128 Technology Highway. Few would think of Westchester County, New York. But, in fact, the county IT group there is making huge strides in leveraging technology to improve the experience of interacting with county government.

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