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 Microsoft Azure provides a multitude of services that organizations can assemble like building blocks to address a wide array of workloads and applications. However, like any shared service, when moving to Azure, organizations need to carefully construct a governance and security program to ensure resources are properly managed and that data and systems are effectively protected.

View this webinar-on-demand for a discussion and demonstration on the best practices for architecting and implementing a comprehensive governance and chargeback program for your Azure environment, as well as the key features available to ensure your cloud-based applications and data are fully protected from different threat vectors. 

During the presentation, we review:

 Azure Governance

  • Controls - Implementation of Policies, Processes and Procedures
  • Azure Enterprise Scaffold
  • Security and Continuous Compliance
  • Performance Alerting and Monitoring
  • Basic Governance Framework
  • Chargeback & Showback Models

Azure Security

  • Azure Security Center
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection
  • Azure DDoS Protection

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